2023 Challenge Winner – Indiana Institute of Technology

Team Members:

Dante Siracusa – Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering

Kennedy Moonin – Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering

Lindsey Albrecht – Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering

Jacob Frogge – Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering

School: Indiana Institute of Technology

Challenge: It’s Electric​

The objective of this challenge is to increase the electrification of U.S. buildings (residential, commercial, new, or existing). Student team solutions should lead to reductions in energy use and carbon emissions through electrification solutions, and students should emphasize reducing inequalities in obtaining technologies for identified stakeholder groups.

Project Title: Upcycle Old Electric Vehicle Battery Modules for Backup Power Systems in Rural Areas or Areas with Uncertain Power Supply​

Solution: Repurpose EV Batteries Team targets specific groups and population sizes for repurposing electric vehicle batteries. EV batteries will be very prominent in the future, resulting in advantages and disadvantages. Once an EV battery ends its purpose and functional life, the Repurpose EV Batteries Team would like to repurpose the battery module for solar and electric power. This device can store an electric power supply for backup plans. The group/population, our team, is pinpointing is rural, small, lower to middle-class communities, towns, or villages. Most of these groups do not have a running generator for backup power supply purposes; however, repurposed EV batteries can be produced when there is a power shortage in a specific community. This battery power system has both opportunities to work domestically with the potential for international growth.