2023 Final Competition Winner – Purdue University

Presenting Team Member:

Andrew Fix – PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering

Dohyeon Kim – PhD student in Mechanical Engineering

Sarah AlkandariMaster’s student in Mechanical Engineering

School:   Purdue University

Challenge:  It’s Electric

The objective of this challenge is to increase the electrification of U.S. buildings (residential, commercial, new, or existing). Student team solutions should lead to reductions in energy use and carbon emissions through electrification solutions, and students should emphasize reducing inequalities in obtaining technologies for identified stakeholder groups. 

Project Title: MyHP+: A Personalized User-Friendly Heat Pump Economic Analysis Tool for Homeowners and Building Operators

Solution: MyHP+ seeks to make heat pump sizing and financial assessment straightforward, removing the complexity barriers standing between homeowners/building operators and a widescale adoption of heat pumps for building heating. Our software solutions bridge the gap between cutting-edge research and real-world implementation, giving our customers the power to take their energy efficiency and cost savings goals into their own hands.