The student presenters from the 2020 Final Competition pose in front of an Oak Ridge National Laboratory sign.

The student presenters from the 2020 Final Competition pose in front of an Oak Ridge National Laboratory sign.

JUMP into STEM is an online building science competition for undergraduate and graduate students at U.S. colleges and universities.

With diversity at the forefront of the program, JUMP into STEM emphasizes the inclusion of an interdisciplinary mix of majors (e.g., computer science, mathematics, economics, policy, engineering) and students underrepresented in the building science field.

Interested in competing? Review the JUMP into STEM Process, and see below for FAQs.

Where do I start?

Visit the JUMP into STEM Process page.

All interested students are also encouraged to closely review the Terms & Conditions, Rules, and Submission Requirements.

What is the prize?

Final Competition winners receive a 10-week paid summer internship at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, or Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

What are the topics for this year’s challenges?

Challenges for the 2023-2024 JUMP into STEM competition:

What’s included in a submission?

Detailed guidance, including page limits, can be in the requirement section of each challenge and in the Rules.

Submission Template

How do I form a team?

Teams should include 2‒4 students, who can be from the same or different academic institutions. When creating your team, please consider how the members bring perspectives from different backgrounds, including a variety of majors and students from groups that are underrepresented in STEM.

What if my professor has partnered with JUMP into STEM?

Many professors have partnered with JUMP into STEM to incorporate JUMP into STEM challenges into coursework! Your professor will be a great resource throughout this competition.

Can I still compete if I am not in a class that includes JUMP into STEM?

You are still welcome to create a team and compete in the JUMP into STEM competition! We do encourage you to find a faculty advisor for your JUMP into STEM project, but this is not a requirement.

What is the deadline?

View the Schedule.

Is the internship application separate? Where do I go to fill it out?

Yes, it is separate. Please visit Zintellect to begin your internship application.

How is the competition scored?

See the JUMP into STEM Rules, including the grading rubrics for the challenges and final competition.

How do I know if my submission is on the right track?

Student Webinar #1

Student Webinar #1

Student Webinar #2

Student Webinar #2