Team 1

Team Members:

Destiny Currie – Undergraduate Dual Degree (Industrial Engineering/Mathematics)

James Whitfield – Undergraduate Dual Degree (Engineering/Computer Science)

School: Clark Atlanta University

Challenge: Smart Sensors and Controls for Residential Buildings

Identify a specific community impacted by this problem. Describe this stakeholder community and the specific challenges it faces. The community can be a subset of society with specific needs such as a marginalized population.

Project Title: Machine Learning Based Thermostat and Lighting Controller

Solution: A Thermostat/Lighting Controller that will allow a user to monitor and control the smart lights installed around the home via an easy to use touchscreen interface, mobile application, or web application. The device will use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to learn a users habits and make decisions based on the patterns it picks up. It will also make decisions that will save energy as well as prompt users about how to cut down their energy costs.