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JUMP into STEM is an online crowdsourcing community designed to motivate student engagement, especially among minority and female students, in STEM field research and innovation.

Involving All Interested U.S. College and University Departments

A key aspect to engaging students is connecting the JUMP into STEM program with the university/college architecture, engineering, and computer science departments. Interested universities and colleges can partner with JUMP into STEM to incorporate JUMP into STEM challenges into course work as a specific course requirement with an associated grade and/or as an extracurricular activity with eligibility for bonus credits.

JUMP into STEM objectives:

  • Motivate creative thinking and ideation for advancement of buildings research and innovation
  • Cultivate advancement of women and minorities in the STEM fields
  • Offer real-world challenge opportunities as alternative curriculum for university and college professors

Access to Industry Expert Presentations

Each JUMP into STEM challenge will be complemented and supported by a seminar series of two to three webinars designed to engage students. Key industry experts and field practitioners will be invited to speak on the challenge topic to inspire student participation and ideation.

JUMP into STEM is a flexible platform for university and college professors to engage students in real-world STEM Challenges.

Benefits of JUMP into STEM partnerships:

  • Modular or extracurricular content for architecture, engineering, and computer science departments
  • Challenges for students on real-world research and marketplace questions
  • Growth and reward opportunities in the STEM fields for students
  • Problem-solving and intellectual engagement with other students around the country
  • Access to building-related science content and industry expertise

Universities and colleges can partner directly with JUMP into STEM. If interested, please contact Melissa Lapsa.