Clark Atlanta University – Final Competition Winner

Presenting Team Members:

Bria Frazier – Undergraduate in Majoring in Physics and Electrical Engineering

Zoe Landers – Undergraduate in Majoring in Physics and Civil Engineering

School: Clark Atlanta University

Challenge: Advanced Building Construction Methods

The objective of this challenge is to develop an innovative solution incorporating substantial changes in building materials or construction methods, leading to benefits such as increased productivity and worker safety through reduced construction time, reduced cost and waste, improvements to occupant comfort and health, and reduced energy use.

Project Title: Triboelectric Floor Generator System

Solution: Renewable energy is becoming increasingly more important in the fight against global warming. There is also an increasing number of homes being built throughout the U.S. and residential energy consumption is one of the largest contributors to the United State’s exorbitant carbon footprint. This project aims to introduce a new system that tackles the issue of reducing energy consumption in the home. By developing a means to integrate large-scale triboelectric generators into the home the user can do their part to help the environment while saving money on their electric bill from the comfort of their home with no impact to their day to day life.